Communication Network System

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Communication Network System OVERVIEW OF THE WORKSHOP:
Ethernet is fast becoming the obvious choice for industrial control networking worldwide. While the basic structure of Ethernet has not changed much, the faster technologies such as Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet have increased the complexity and choices you have available in planning and designing these systems.
As Ethernet has become more complex, a number of misconceptions have arisen as to how Ethernet functions and how the system should be optimally configured. This workshop addresses these issues in a clear and practical manner, thus enabling you to apply the technology quickly and effectively in your next project.
The workshop commences with a brief outline of the fundamentals of Ethernet and its operation. The method of access is discussed in depth and topics such as full duplex and auto negotiation are explained. The best methods of designing and installing the cabling systems are then explored with the edit paper with and receive your benefits discussion ranging from 10Base-T over twisted pair to Gigabit Ethernet cabling. Methods of optimizing Ethernet to obtain best performance are then defined. Finally the all important topic of troubleshooting is examined with a summary of the typical problems you are likely to encounter from a two station network all the way up to a system comprising 30,000 PCs.
PRE-REQUISITES: A fundamental knowledge of basic electrical concepts is expected with some knowledge of the basics of the Windows Operating system.
ACCREDITATION: Satisfactory completion of this course satisfies the requirements of the International Association for Continuing Education and Training for the award of .07 Continuing Educations Units for each day of attendance. The course also satisfies criteria for Continuing Professional Development according to the requirements of the Institution of Measurement and Control in the UK, Institution of Engineers in Australia, Institution of Engineers New Zealand, and others.