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Here are the activities of trainings at SKIns (2001-2003) such as:


1. SKIns held a in-house training : Process Control Engineering Application Techniques at PT. Caltex Pacific Indonesia at Duri, Riau.

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2002 :

1. SKIns held a training: Process Control Engineering Application Techniques. The instructor is the owner of WADE Associates, Inc: DR. Harold Wade (www.wadeco.com). This training held on 07-11 October 2002 at Hyatt Regency in Bandung.

2.PT. Caltex Pacific Indonesia took a training “FG-15” (ISA’s training) again on 2-3 September in Rumbai, Riau.

3.SKIns held a training: Applying Standard Instrumentation and Control Documentation” (FG-15) at PT. Caltex Pacific Indonesia. The instructor from ISA (Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society) on 29 July- 1 August in Duri, Riau.

4.On 2 August, SKIns held a training : Introduction about P&ID symbol (ISA’s training) at PT. CPI in Duri, Riau.


1. On 30 July – 4 July, SKIns held a training: “Design & Evaluation of Safety Instrumented System”

2. On 29 Sept – 03 October, SKIns held a training Process Control Engineering Application Techniques.

3. On 4 October, DR. Harold Wade visited Trisakti University, Jakarta to teach “BEYOND PID” in front of students.

4. On 17 – 19 November at PT. Caltex Pacific Indonesia, Duri-Riau, PT SKIns held a in-house training :  “Hazard Identification & Risk Management“. The instructor is DR. Harry West.

5.On 15 – 19 December, SKIns held a training “Design & Evaluation of Safety Instrumented System” at Bandung, Indonesia